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Providing Excellent Service Since 2005

Choctaw Land & Timber, LLC is a family owned and operated forestry company established in 2005. Starting as a small timber buying company with one contract logger, Choctaw Land & Timber has since grown into one of the most reputable and competitive forestry companies in the southeast. Working with us means working with a company who has been around and worked hard to help landowners produce forestry activities for generations!

Choctaw Land & Timber is completed by four separate sectors that collectively provide each landowner with benefits at every phase:

Timber– A fully integrated timber company with a team of experts in the field of forestry who can develop and provide well thought out forestry practices that will meet the needs and objectives of each individual landowner.

Harvesting– Our team of in house harvesting crews, as well as multiple contract crews, have the equipment and strength to put all sustainable forestry practices into operation. Guided by three of Choctaw’s own harvesting crews, and overseen by our expert procurement managers, Choctaw provides the skills necessary to handle any and all forestry operations, ensuring that no detail is overlooked.

Trucking– Choctaw Land & Timber has a large fleet of company owned trucks as well as multiple devoted contract trucks that guarantee productivity and dependability. With this, Choctaw Land & Timber can ensure landowner’s receive top dollar for their timber products.

Reforestation– Our partnership with one of the most reputable forestry consulting firms in the Southeast provides an abundance of services from managing land, site preparation, to replanting of timber that is sure to meet any and all goals and objectives.


Owner & Operating Manager:  James Adams

James Adams, owner and operating manager of Choctaw Land & Timber LLC, started as a timber cruiser and marker for a reputable timber company in 1988. Seeing the forestry industry only growing and expanding into the future, James dedicated himself to the field, taking every opportunity to learn. James graduated with his degree in Wood Procurement from Pensacola State College in 1991. This only helped him flourish within the company eventually landing him as the lead procurement manager. Along the way, James developed and established strong working relationships with his customers and important people within the industry, eventually leading James to take a chance and start his own company. In 2005, Choctaw Land & Timber was born. James’ commitment to himself and his company was that his standards, integrity, and reputation would not be compromised. A decade later, James still stands by that commitment and has since become one of the prominent providers of sustainable forestry and timberland services in the Southeast.

Our Staff

Amanda Adams and Chelsea Adams Campbell-Work

Office Manager:  Amanda Adams
Administrative Assistant/Marketing Manager:  Chelsea Adams Campbell-Work

The day to day operations in the office are still a family affair. James’ wife Amanda has managed the office from the beginning. In 2014, his daughter Chelsea Adams Campbell-Work came in to help in the office and oversee all of their marketing and public relations.